About PTBT

Brain Trust: A group of advisers held in high regard by a decision maker.


Dr. Matthew Dancigers (contributor)

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 Dr. Spencer Muro (contributor)


Dr Stephen Henry (contributor)

This blog format is to help in the reflective process of becoming a better clinical and critical thinker, thereby providing patients and clients with a better experience and better outcomes.  The content in the archives was mostly all created during our academic training. Please note: all time stamps on ideas, as things develop and change. I attempt to leave posts unaltered for transparency and reflective growth. You know; LEARNING.

This site is not diagnostic, prognostic or treatment for any condition.  The thoughts and opinions presented are that of the authors at the time of publication and within the context of the writing. Data and opinions are subject to change and encouraged to develop with time and knowledge. *Any patient details are changed to protect privacy of all involved.



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