The Search For Answers

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You know there is more to know. The information age allowed you to find out more and now you feel like there must be something more. You just need to find it.

What do they know that I don’t know? You see all these polished profiles in cyber space touting people with all the answers. How-come you don’t know all the answers. They have complex theories based on large combination-of-terms frameworks (neuro-modulatory-spinal-control-protocol, Boss-mom-investor-athlete-morning-routine, etc). Is that the thing you’re missing?

This feeling / belief / thought is what drives people up and down the “health food” isle with all the supplements, powders and root essences… looking for the thing that everyone else must be doing to get ahead. This drives people to look at cupping, at needling, at maybe how their diaphragm developed as a teenager, and any other sold-things that make the hard work of progress easier, or at least makes you feel like you’re doing everything you think everyone else is doing.

This allows the Charlatan to flourish, to tell those 40% truths that make the best lies and for those ideas to spread from person to person. “Word of mouth.” Those experiences passed on, in the most trusted manner of idea-spreading: from one friend to another.

If these 40% truths are believed but for an hour, their job is done. They now affect all future thinking and reasoning. And undoing belief is not a task taken lightly.

And so the facts trail after, trying to put out fires of these truth-rooted lies. Sorry, there are no secret sauces. There is progress, there are new ideas, breakthroughs and inventions and new findings. But the the base classics that you already know (but just don’t act upon) are the “secret.” The true secret is action.

Eat well. Rest well. Communicate well. Socialize well. Work well. Move well. Plan well. Be attentive well. Be well.

Is that the answer that you’re looking for? It ain’t in magic beans, but if you think it is, there’s someone out there who will sell them to you.

This is not a condemnation of the human condition. Just a flashlight on “want and behavior.”

I want the answers, too.

-Matt D



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