Repetition is a wonderful way to work at an issue. Consistent, vigilant, methodical practice.This does not speak to magnitude. Small efforts, in time or intensity, aimed at a goal are a real meaningful attack.

This is a perspective shift for many. For clinicians and patients. People, humans, want a “fix,” an immediate “undo” if you will. I find myself explaining that rehab is a process, not an event. So I will often try to tell a story about it.


What’s going on here? 1

Rounded rocks PTBraintrust repetition

Smooth round rocks? 2

Animal path PTBraintrust Repetition

What happened here? 3

Repetition can be used to break down and to build. The reps at the gym. Monthly investment deposits. A compliment for your staff.

Getting a patient on board with a repetitive process is always interesting, as they are all on a different spectrum of Readiness To Change. Many will intrinsically latch on to the repetition while others require a story, or a mind shift (Ex: Contemplative, Preparation).

Repetition has a time component, which makes it difficult to incorporate into daily habits. Find a meaningful analogy to spur on the behavior needed for change. Doing the right thing, once, is nice. Doing the right thing, over time, is magic.

Matt D

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