Pain is like the Wind

Pain is like the wind.

It can only be viewed by its interface with the environment. 

We see the trees move, the leaves rustle, the flower petals quiver. We see the thick dust in the air, the yard furniture toppling in a pile by the fence, the branches dropping to the street.

Our skin turns alive with an unseen pressure. We are urged to move to the left by an unseen force from the right. It blew my hat off.

“I cannot take a picture of the wind. I can show you a picture of a windy day… but not the wind.” Continue reading

A Year In Review: II


We have seen large changes over the past year from personal perspectives here at the PTBT. The posts have continued… a host of topics following our varied and changing interests.

The transition from student-blogger to practicing-clinician-blogger is an interesting one. You must walk the walk. Cerebral idealism, philosophical concepts and metacognition are affronted by the real world N=1 scenarios, workplace pressures, time constraints, technique and exercise challenges and more comorbidities than you can shake a stick at.

“You wrote about how you should interact with this type of person/case, now they are in front of you.” Writing and reflecting on how to treat has kept the ship pointed in the right direction. Through the process of trying to form a thought, and even a thought that another person might understand (we hope!) you develop a skill for reduction. Reduction to the fine points. Continue reading

Self Residency

BrainTrust Study Group*image credit

The decision to go to residency is so easy. Yes, of course I want to go. Learn more? Become better skilled in the path you wish to take? Have confidence in my Knowledge, Skills and Abilities? No problem.

Well, the time and monetary cost (with no direct compensation link) are a common deterrent to pursuing residency after school… or in the middle of a career. Yes, the third year of DPT school should be a residency in your anticipated specialty field, getting paid and paying for a residency… but that’s another discussion. For those of you that do not or cannot seek out the residency may I suggest a Self-Residency. Continue reading