Early Access and #GetPT1st


We often see them way too late. We start out trying to “play catch-up” to a limitation. This is the nature of rehab to one degree or another.

In my clinic I am often months late… sometimes years late to being allowed to address an issue. 6 years of pain and medication and just now making it to the clinic, for example, or 4 months after a shoulder-strain injury at work. You name it, and I’ll basically state the same thing to myself: “Sure would have liked to address this earlier on in the process.”

We all value early access to help people, across all settings in physiotherapy. Similar to a stain on the rug, dirt on your car, or a chair left out in the rain… addressing problems early lessens the impact of an issue. Continue reading

G O A L !

What you perceive today as a struggle is not truly due to the task at hand. It has to do with what the goals of the activity are.

The goal determines how the steps will play out. A worthy goal can bring you through any tough time. If the outcome is not of interest to you, no simple/light task is easy. It’s all a struggle if the goal is not meaningful. Continue reading