The Meaning of Cost in Value

We associate many things with money. One example: If it costs more, it’s better.

Money is not just a physical item representative of some good or service.  It has meaning past trade. Having more money does not just mean that you can accumulate more things. Socially, it states that maybe you have accomplished more, are a better decision maker, make better behavior choices, etc. It possesses status and other cultural attributions. Not a surprise. You know this.

The $15 beer will taste superior to the $1.50 beer. It just does, because we know it’s better. It’s contextual priming. That’s why blinded taste trials are often so interesting, because the context is removed and you are left with a singular sensory organ (taste organs of the tongue and mouth, yes and olfaction). Continue reading

The Person Sitting in Front of You

I saw my patient walking up to the door as I pulled up to the clinic. A tall and very thin woman. She was heavily dependent on her rolling walker, I saw that immediately. It struck me. Saturday hours at the clinic were supposed to be simple post-op patients. Quick in and out’s. I think I was even slightly pessimistic at this first glance…because I could tell she was struggling. I estimated this was more work than I bargained for at 8:30 am eval on a Saturday. Four weeks status post a Continue reading

Bio-chemico-physio-behavioro-environmento being

heart tree PTBrainTrustimage credit

“Why didn’t the brain go to the party? Because he had no body to go with!” – My 6.8 yr old.

There is only one thing. There is no disconnect. It is all connected, as in, related. Interacting, melding, smushing, giving and taking and trading.

There only reason you think that Chemistry is separate from Biology is because we, as humans, divided up the information in to chunks. There is no actual divide. You cannot have biology without chemistry. You cannot have either without physics, and physics is nothing without matter (chemical, particle or biological). Thusly, there is no divide, it simply depends on where you point your lens. What do you choose to “pull out” as important? Continue reading