Just an Action Potential…

We need to keep in mind that there is no pain signal coming in from the periphery.

Pain is not an input. It is simply (and complexly?!) a nerve being stimulated, sending an action potential up to the spinal cord and then brain, where the brain interprets those signals.

…and that’s where it get’s sticky… because what is Continue reading


The Patient vs The Outcome

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Does patient centered care conflict with outcome based care?

The current model of payment (fee for service) certainly has the ability to be manipulated without the focus on the patient. Things are time based and technique based. More time, more techniques… means we did more for the patient. (right?) It is easy to see how this can be skewed. Continue reading

False Dichotomies

There are many issues in our profession which seem to present as a division. You are either for or against something, on principle, and that defines you as a practitioner, person, health care provider, etc.

Most of these divisions are un-real. They don’t actually exist and the world is much more nuanced and less black and white. As a part of our superb community of thinking and questioning PTs (Physios) I have been thinking about some of the false dichotomies that exist. Here are 6 of them Continue reading

Manual therapy continuing education – What’s the point?

My first month off following graduation was spent interviewing for travel positions. I was looking for a way to pay off some of my six figure loan debt effectively, and travel PT provides that opportunity. I ran into some interesting situations during the interview process.

Many companies wanted to know what skills I could bring to the table (i.e. what hands on skills [i.e. what manual skills]). I may have fumbled Continue reading