Words yield knowledge; knowledge IS power

It is about that time, in the US, that many Physical Therapy programs are about to begin.  I have had the fortune to see many PT techs/aides get accepted and plan to move and start their programs… and they ALL talk about ANATOMY.

God, Anatomy was awesome. It is the hardest class (and justly so) and builds the foundation of your practice, not only in pure facts, but in your ability to learn. The sheer size and volume of terms is unworldly… the Latin, the specific descriptors… the depth and preciseness with which you are expected to describe a part of a bone, or a tubercle on a ramus. It is truly wonderful… for without these descriptors…. the information does not exist.

Without a word for it,

we have a hard time recognizing things. I’m not making this up…try to notice something that you don’t have a word for…

See the RadioLab podcasts below, (particularly Words.)

http://www.radiolab.org/story/91725-words/ WORDS

http://www.radiolab.org/story/211119-colors/ COLORS

A bridge expert does not drive under a bridge, they notice details about the bridge. A botanist does not drive past a grove of trees, she notices the specifics of the organisms… understanding them. (as you will note, I just described these things as I understanding them: a grove of trees, a bridge…I lack the vocabulary to understand them more)

As Physios, we do not just watch someone walk… we see the gait, we know it.  We have words for it. Those words define our ability to observe and reflect.

So it is my advice to learn EVERY term and description of the body, verbiage of attachment sites, of a long tracts in the spinal cord, of receptor mechanisms… for without the verbal understanding, the naming, the being-called-to-notice-certain-parts, you will be just looking at flesh and organic formations.

So knowledge is power.  Words point you toward that knowledge and let you know that there is more going on… helps you notice the big picture via naming the details…

So good luck future #DPTstudents. Get your learn on.

Matt D

Need more learning: click the Medbridge link below for a discount on there excellent CEU package.

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