A Year in Review


I will start by referring you to this statement:

… the reflective process [helps in] becoming a better clinical and critical thinker, thereby providing patients and clients with a better experience and better outcomes.

The exercise in containing and writing a thought succinctly and with brevity is a tool that, in our opinion, should be utilized.

Perhaps the process … will aid the reader in challenging their own current ideas, or perhaps reinforce them.

That was part of the the first post on the #PTBT.

It has been a full year since I launched this enterprise.  The blog and the contacts and conversations surrounding it have developed more than I had hoped, and I’m really proud of it. The challenge of writing well… writing with brevity, relevance and brightness is alive and constant.  In reflecting on the posts that have been written, I believe we (myself, Spencer, Stephen) have supported the above mission.  We are trying to figure it all out… and hopefully spur a little change, perhaps expose an insight, and at least be enjoyable to read.

I also think we score pretty well on Biased Blog Bingo.

“Shout-outs!”  Let me extend a thanks for those that commented on and shared our content: Cheers! And ‘fist-bump’ to Harrison for encouraging this pursuit and getting me on Twitter to connect with many of you.  As for the readers, a-Billion Thanks!- we will continue to develop and bring our thoughts forward and we hope to continue to excel in depth and breadth of content.

So, consider this a reference post: Below I am posting links to the blogs we wrote over the past year. Scroll through, check ’em out:

  • Cognitive Dissonance? That doesn’t make sense. Click Here
  • Iliotibial Band? More like lateral knee pain. Click Here
  • Osteoarthritis and the painful knee: Part 1/2 Click Here
  • Osteoarthritis and the painful knee: Part 2/2 Click Here
  • Pain neuroscience education: Where does it go in Rx? Click Here
  • The “WHY” and why it’s important Click Here
  • Heel-touch vs Heel-strike in runners: There is a difference  Click Here
  • The goose vs the gander / case report vs systematic review: A Metaphor Click Here
  • Active vs Passive treatment: A metaphor for understanding. Click Here
  • A popped joint, a cerebellum and a task Click Here
  • Central Sensitization: Researched Guidelines for the Physical Therapist Click Here
  • The Central Sensitization Wind-up: A Metaphor for understanding Click Here
  • Understanding the parts of the whole Click Here
  • Background and Learning: Motor Control Series Click Here
  • Clinical Practice Algorithm: Motor Control Series Click Here
  • Visual Dominance: You have it…and so does your CVA patient. Click Here
  • What are you teaching? Balance?: Motor Control Series Click Here
  • Patients per hour.  What’s your speed limit? Click Here
  • Your hyper-vigilant SWAT Team. A Metaphor Click Here
  • Was it the HVLAT? A Reflective Case Discussion Click Here
  • How long should your DPT program be? Click Here
  • The Problem with Preventative Medicine Click Here
  • Argument.  You’re doing it wrong. Click Here
  • Career Advancement: A reward for being “better” Click Here
  • Interview with Travel Physical Therapist: Kristen Schwenk PT, DPT Click Here
  • The 4th Pillar of Evidence Based Practice Click Here
  • O Western Medicine…What Have We Done? Click Here
  • Interview with Matt Dancigers (via Cynical Physical Therapist) Click Here
  • An assemblage of what I learned in 2014 Click Here
  • You Should Be Using Music with Your Patients with Brain Injury Click Here
  • Tell me a story: A metaphor for understanding analogies Click Here
  • Scientific Reasoning in the Clinical Examination – An Intro Click Here
  • Are you biased, bro? – Scientific Reasoning in the Clinical Exam (Part I) Click Here
  • Single Blind Study – Scientific Reasoning in the Clinical Exam (Part 2) Click Here
  • The Best Special Test – Scientific Reasoning in the Clinical Exam (Part 3) Click Here

Physical therapy is a thinking profession. We aim to continue to support that concept and promote that goal.


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