Solving Uncertainty

\What does the search for certainty do to us as clinicians?

In searching for answers we are picking up patterns that let us go past that initial uncertainty.

And so Evidenced Based Practice serves this role… to solve the uncertainty.

We look to research to let us know unbiased truths.  Hey, this patient is not responding today, but if I stay the course science supports that I will see some improvement.

We can look to clinical training or algorithms to help us along. For example Continue reading

Searching for Certainty

This past week I had a few instances that made me feel quite inadequate as a therapist. The first was a patient with knee pain and the other was a patient with neck pain. In both visits I managed to use up everything I knew, every decision path and subsequent treatment solution. And I got… no within session change.


As it happens I was stuck with the uncertainty of their treatments, their prognosis, and the uncertainty of my ability to be effective. I knew what bothered them, I thought I knew Continue reading

A Year in Review


I will start by referring you to this statement:

… the reflective process [helps in] becoming a better clinical and critical thinker, thereby providing patients and clients with a better experience and better outcomes.

The exercise in containing and writing a thought succinctly and with brevity is a tool that, in our opinion, should be utilized.

Perhaps the process … will aid the reader in challenging their own current ideas, or perhaps reinforce them.

That was part of the the first post on the #PTBT. Continue reading