Your Curated Leadership Resource

Information is available everywhere. There is becoming a need to have pertinent info in one spot.  Well, here it is! These are my favorite videos on Leadership, Communication and Interaction. I find that at least weekly I send out one of these videos to someone to share the knowledge of these great presenters. So please scroll through, watch, and be inspired. We can all be leaders.

Let’s start with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TEDtalk.  

I owe a thanks to Eric Jorde PT, DPT and Harrison Vaughan PT, DPT for exposing me to this. It is one of the top three most viewed TEDtalks to date…

You will see a theme here, Simon Sinek will be the face of the next few. These ideas are crucial to an organization.

Ok: it continues with this short speech.  The last tip it unbelievably important.  This is a favorite- watch it 4x

If you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business…

Why Leaders eat last. Simon breaks down the biological reasons for our behaviors and how we can gain true happiness and contentedness through interacting with others. Boom!

Love your work: The people that care for patients need caring for too.

This next talk will explain why the passion is gone from your business and work… and what to do about it.

Below is Maggie Breslin on the power of conversation. Conversation is the answer to all the ambiguity, use it to solve almost all your issues. Shout out to Jerry Durham PT for this exposure!

Next is Daniel Pink’s great TEDtalk on motivation. You will see a lot of truth in this, no doubt.

Daniel Pink again, this time on To Sell is Human-

I hope you enjoyed these and that they challenged you and got you pumped up! What speakers inspire you? Feel free to share them in the comments. I know there are more out there, this is just a taste.

Also share this with your boss, coworkers or manager… do you think they know about these principles or think in these ways? No matter your position in a company or the community, no matter your tittle, you can always lead.

Matt D

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