Your Curated Leadership Resource

Information is available everywhere. There is becoming a need to have pertinent info in one spot.  Well, here it is! These are my favorite videos on Leadership, Communication and Interaction. I find that at least weekly I send out one of these videos to someone to share the knowledge of these great presenters. So please scroll through, watch, and be inspired. We can all be leaders.

Let’s start with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TEDtalk.   Continue reading

How to use Special Tests

In studying for final comps/orals/boards we have come across many special tests that need knowing. We learn how to do them, where to place hands, what indicates a positive, tissues involved, etc.  If we have enough brain capacity after that, we try to remember gold standards in a pathology and how the special tests correlate.  And finally… we attempt to know whether a test is Sensitive or Specific for a certain pathology or impairment. Whew!

The last item is what I would like to focus on because it relates to clinical reasoning an differential diagnosis. Sensitivity and SpecificityContinue reading