Understanding the parts of the whole

Sam Berns has a really powerful TED talk: My philosophy for a happy life. He talks about his life outlook and future plans while living with Progeria, a rare disease that is normally fatal by this time in life.

The whole talk is good, but at minute 10:00 he talks about how learning about his disease has brought him some peace.

I know more about it genetically.  So it’s less of an embodiment now… it used to be this thing that prevents me from doing all this stuff, that causes other kids to die, that causes everybody to be stressed, and now it’s, uh, you know, a protein that is abnormal, that weakens the structure of cells. So, it takes a burden off me because now I don’t have to think about Pregeria as an entity.

…it’s less of an embodiment …it’s not an entity …it’s an abnormal protein. What an unbelievable insight.

The research about pain science education concludes that you should start with the basics, the action potentials, the ion channels, etc to give the patient an understanding… that PAIN is NOT an entity…  It is Na+ zipping in and out, down a cell axon… etc.

Matt D

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