Understanding the parts of the whole

Sam Berns has a really powerful TED talk: My philosophy for a happy life. He talks about his life outlook and future plans while living with Progeria, a rare disease that is normally fatal by this time in life. Continue reading


The Central Sensitization Wind-up: A Metaphor for understanding

Stephen’s post on Central Sensitization got a lot of attention, and it is well deserved.  Part of getting results in this population is explaining how the nervous system works.  The following metaphor is a nice way to get the idea across. Continue reading

Active vs Passive treatment: A metaphor for understanding.

Matt Dancigers PTBT pain company

The following is a metaphor to help understand the benefits and burdens of active and passive treatment strategies.

Which is better : Active treatment or Passive treatment? (you likely already have an opinion here…) Active treatments are things the patient does.  Passive treatments are things the patient has done to them. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

Heel-touch vs Heel-strike in runners. There is a difference

Much of the running world is concerned with foot strike and what loads and what forces are distributed through the foot and leg.  It has been shown that many of the elite runners seem to make heel-contact (a big no-no for the minimalists/naturalists).  But this may not be the case. Continue reading