Do you care who signs your paycheck?

This is a repost of a bit I shared with my classmates back in February on our class Facebook page. The article in reference was recently shared by Matt D, with his current clinical instructor at his clinical affiliation. The rest of the connecting web can be seen by clicking on the link here to Joseph Brence’s quick thoughts on the matter (at ForwardThinkingPT.)

The topic of discussion comes down to a number of things, but two important ones stick in my mind: 1) How much do you value the forward progression of your profession (i.e. physical therapy)? and 2) How much do you care about your employer’s reasoning for hiring you?

I’ll leave those questions in the air, as I hope you read over the comments and urges I left with my classmates a few months ago:

“This would be the second time, while searching for something specifically PT related on ‘the Google,’ I have come across a post from the AAOS and their viewpoints/opinions on PT and PT services… What would happen if I purposely went looking for posts like this?”

Please consider this when you graduate and are looking for employment.

‘While there are many potential pitfalls to adding PT/OT lines of service to an orthopaedic practice, there are also numerous benefits. Naturally, one of the primary benefits is financial. Profit in excess of $100,000 per therapist per year is not unreasonable, and in many areas of the country the potential upside is even greater.’
‘…these additional revenues cannot be ignored in an era of declining physician reimbursement. Next to ambulatory surgical centers, therapy is often the most profitable ancillary tool orthopaedic surgeons wield.’

And if you were wondering how much an orthopaedic surgeon makes in this era of declining physician reimbursement (found this incidentally as well):  Time frame reference: AAOS post is from July 2011, EIM posts stats from 2012-2013.…/how-much-does-a-hip…/

And a quick caveat, I second Brence’s disclaimer in regard to promoting multidisciplinary care and open communication between professions.

Please leave your thoughts below!


2 thoughts on “Do you care who signs your paycheck?

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